Massage, Activation, Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga with Miki.

From training to toning, from pain-free living to peak performance, from maximising range of movement to mindfulness and massage

Private Tuition

Tailored to your needs, you will receive focused 1:1 sessions in Pilates, Yoga and/or Personal Training. These sessions will help you re-align your body, improve posture, strength and flexibility as well as help with pain management and injury prevention.

Additional benefits over time include reduced stress levels, increased energy and vitality and a greater sense of well-being. I offer one-off sessions of 45-60 minutes or a bulk of 6 sessions depending on your requirements. LEARN MORE


I teach Private and public Pilates and Yoga classes in Worthing and surrounding areas. Join my class or book me for a session with a group of your friends or family (my classes get fully booked very quickly so avoid disappointment and book early).


Be Activated

Are you training for your next personal best? Want to optimise your performance? Or are you trying to manage a reoccurring injury that just keeps coming back?Activation, also known as Reflexive Performance Reset (RPR), is a technique used to break harmful compensation patterns and movement dysfunction that creates pain, causes injury and reduces performance. I offer one-off Activation sessions for 60minutes or a bulk of 6 sessions depending on your individual requirements.


Clinical Massage

I offer Clinical massage to support your health, physical condition and stress levels. The treatment is tailored to your specific needs and outcomes following an assessment. Clinical massage is a fusion of deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger points and stretches. Also the massage promotes relaxation and reduces the effects of stress. You can book one-off 60 minutes session with me or a block of 6 sessions depending on your personal requirements.


A little about myself

“You can achieve whatever you want when your body is well and healthy”.

Hi, my name is Miki, the founder of Miki’s Treatment Room. I have been passionate about sport from the age of 5 – when I first stepped on a judo mat! I competed over the years, at national and international level and, when I first moved to the UK in 1999 to study Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, I made sure I joined the local judo club! Whilst in Cambridge I discovered Pilates, the results on my flexibility, posture and muscular development were amazing! And that was that! I was hooked! I retrained as a Pilates teacher and Personal Trainer and in 2003 I started teaching classes and 1:1. I then qualified as a Yoga instructor and have continued to develop my skills and learn cutting edge techniques, including Activation, to optimise performance, alleviate pain and minimize further injury in sport and everyday life. Personally over the past 15 years I have competed in triathlon, run and bike races and in 2011 I completed my first Iron Man. I truly believe that we can always improve ourselves and there is nothing we cannot do if we put our head into it!

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Private Tuition

I do love my 1:1 teaching as I can focus my full attention on one person and really help them to understand and make a positive changes that improve posture, flexibility and improve athletic performance.

One session £40



Classes taught in Sport Centers and clinics will need to be booked directly with them. For private classes please get in contact with me.

Shoreham Chiropractic Clinic (

Monday (Term Time) 5pm Pilates; 6pm Pilates; 7pm Pilates;

Southdown Leisure Worthing (

Wednesday 9am Pilates, Field Place; 10am Back Care Pilates, Field Place; 6pm Back Care Pilates, Field Place; 6.50pm Back Care Pilates, Field Place; 7.40pm Back Care Pilates, Field Place;

Thursday 9am Fitness Pilates, Field Place; Friday 10.35am Clinical Pilates, Field Place; 12.40pm Pilates, SplashPoint

Be Activated

Improve strength, power, flexibility, coordination & balance.

The results are immediate and measurable. Developed in South Africa by Physiotherapist Douglas Heel, activation has been used globally by elite sports teams, celebrities, the fitness industry and health practitioners alike.

One session £40
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Clinical Massage

Your first session will be a full assessment of your health, lifestyle, range of movement and pain condition. We will discuss your expectations and how we would achieve these goals. Treatment will be a mixture of manual and movement therapy. At the end of the session I might suggest some home care advice to help speeding up your recovery.

Further assessment may be required around session 3/4. We aim to see a reduction in pain and/or an increase in range of movement within 1-6 sessions (condition dependent). Depending on the severity of your condition sessions may be twice weekly/weekly/fortnightly/monthly – as your pain free time between sessions increases, the frequency of your session will decrease.

One session £50
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Online Youtube classes

Hello everybody! Here are some links to my first couple of videos, they are split into warm up and main routines. The warm up is my usual standing warm up, second part is the mat work. If otherwise stated they are multi-level so suitable for everybody but I have recorded some advanced ones as well for the keenest ones! 😉 New videos will be uploaded regularly. You should be able to copy the link into your browser and get straight to it or going to YouTube and do a search on Micaela Floyd and they should all be listed there. The videos are free. I hope you enjoy the videos! I really cannot stand the sound of my voice recorded so this was a very hard/humiliating thing to do for me! 🙂 Any comments good or bad will be great to improve the quality and help everybody stay active from home! Please spread the word! Hope to see you all soon! Love Miki PS I will try to organise some live sessions for people to join as well… more to come! 😊

Introducing Virtual Classes


Warm up routine one


Warm up routine two – advanced


Pilates main routine one


Pilates main routine two – advanced


Yoga standing one


Yoga Matwork


Yoga Complete Routine


Stretch One


Pilates Main Routine two


Pilates Warm up routine 2 (multilevel)


Pilates Matwork Thera-band/resistance band routine (multilevel)


Pilates Warm up Routine 3 (Advanced)


Pilates for my Multiple Sclerosis Centre Gang


Pilates Main Routine 3 (Advanced)


Sussex Physiotherapy classes with Miki


What My Clients Say

“I’ve known Micaela and have been attending her classes and going to her for private tuition since early 2015. More recently She has been doing some Activation treatments for me and I can’t believe the progress! She really knows her stuff and will work with you tirelessly to achieve your goals! Pilates was the reason we met, and I’ve loved every minute!”

Colleen Snyman

“Miki is excellent at what she does, I have had sessions with her several times in the past and each time I have felt much better. I highly recommend her.”

Petar Stipanovic

“For the past three years, Miki has been helping me to build core strength and become more flexible. To say that she’s brilliant is an understatement! I honestly couldn’t ask more and am so happy with the continuing results! ”


Contact me to book a session, or if you have questions or ideas.

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